Betting Safety 101 | Tips for Identifying Safe Sports Betting Websites & Casinos

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Betting is becoming popular among players around the world. According to industry statistics, the online betting market was worth USD 45.8 billion in 2017. This figure is set to cross the USD 90 billion mark by 2024.

Since the number of players hopping on to betting websites keeps rising each year, educating these players about online safety and trusted sites is also becoming important. This is exactly what this post aims at doing. So, read on and level up your knowledge about best industry practices.

However, before we dive into the details, here’s a snapshot introduction of three recommended betting platforms. These include slotxo, sbobet, and sagame66.

Best Betting Platforms:

Slotxo is one of the coolest slots games mobile apps and is popular among the Asian youth. To access it, all players need to do is download the app by scanning the QR code given on its website from their smartphones. The website shows separate QR codes for Android and iOS users, thus making it easier for players with either operating system to download the app.

Sbobet is a sports website that has more than 10 years of experience in online sports betting. It is famous for its fair play policies and cooperative customer service which guides players from the start till the end of the registration process. It also helps them in learning the deets of online slots and other games.

The last platform, Sagame66, is an online casino known for its interesting range of games, good customer support, generous bonuses, and honest payout policies. It has one of the smallest time frames, 30 seconds to be precise, among all Asian online casinos for making deposits and withdrawing amounts. Having highlighted some of the best betting platforms online, let’s move on to the main topic discussed below.

How to Check Betting Platforms’ Safety:

The internet is flooding with sports betting websites and online casinos. Many of these websites are scams and rip players off of their hard-earned cash. To save yourself from such unfortunate events, keep the following tips in mind. These will help you in telling real casinos from fake ones and trusted sports sites from scamming ones. Let’s dive into the details.

Tips for Evaluating Online Betting Sites and Mobile Apps:

Betting websites that exist on more than one platform are considered more reliable. The rules of registration for mobile apps outlined by platforms such as Google and Apple are quite strict and scrutinize scammers. This is done to ensure its users’ safety. Hence, it is not easy for developers to register their mobile apps on these platforms unless they agree to each platform’s terms of services. Any mobile app which gets approved by these two platforms can be considered safe enough to bet on with real money.

In addition to this, players must pay attention to the reviews of a betting website available online. If a betting website or its mobile app has more than one bad review, chances are there is some truth to it. Slotxo, as mentioned earlier, is one of the most cited and recommended mobile apps online. Almost every other betting platform cites its genuineness and this is what makes it so popular.

Last but not the least, if a website or mobile app is not developed properly and lacks user-friendliness, chances are it is a scam. As shown by users’ experiences, poorly developed betting websites and apps are usually involved in dishonest practices. This is why they refrain from mentioning their contact forms, email addresses, and phone number, etc. They also lack good quality games from trusted developers. These are the red flags players must watch out for and walk away from vague websites.

Tips for Evaluating Sports Betting Websites:

Sports betting websites which establish proper customer services department are more trusted than the ones which avoid communication. This is because communication is the key to transparency in all relationships. According to players who experienced scams in the past, websites that usually prove to be fraudulent have this one trait in common. They delay responses to customer queries or choose not to respond at all. Thus, the representatives of a sports betting website must talk with their customers to establish an honest relationship with them.

An example of trusted sports betting websites includes the before mentioned Sbobet. Sbobet’s platform interacts with its customers and responds to their queries in real-time. It also offers continual support to newbie bettors by offering them to play demo games so that they may gain confidence. Once newbies have gained confidence, they can move on to playing games that involve real money.

Whether it is a general query or confusion about the platform’s policies, the customer service representatives must respond in real-time and clear any doubts in their players’ minds. Otherwise, a delayed response leaves a bad impression on not only the person who asked the query but on all those who can view the correspondence. Thus, it is important to assess a betting platform’s responsiveness before investing your hard-earned money in its games.

Tips for Evaluating Betting Practices in Casinos:

To find out whether an online casino is safe or not, look up its features such as introductory offers, payout periods, and types of games, etc. According to best industry practices, good casinos always offer a variety of games on their websites. These include online slots, Baccarat, poker and jackpot offers, etc.

Additionally, good casinos also allow their players to withdraw their pending amounts within 1-3 days of winning them. They also deal with their customers’ queries as soon as possible and specify minimum deposit amounts.

Moreover, good casinos ensure that their players have an exciting experience on their website and come back for wagering money on them. For this they make use of sounds, graphic, user-friendly chatbots, tutorials, gambling helpline, etc. Any online casino, which qualifies for all the metrics, mentioned here is a safe place for investing your hard-earned real money. Since Sagame66 does qualify on all the industry standards, it is included in our best betting platforms list.


To avoid scams online, players must familiarize themselves with the qualities they should look for in trusted betting sites and online casinos. Otherwise, they might fall prey to misleading lavish introductory bonus offers. These offers, at first, lure players into registering with the websites only to deny them withdrawing any winning amount later.

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