Bluffing in Poker Explained (by Betting Solution)

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Without bluffing, the best hand in poker would always win the game. Bluffing allows players with mediocre or even terrible poker hands to stay in the game to try and pressure other players to fold their hands in fear. A poker hand does not always need to be superior to win the pot!

Your ability to successfully bluff your opponents will really depend on the value of the community cards. If there are two Aces face up on the table, and none in your hand, the chances of one of your opponents having an Ace in their hand is quite high. They will feel comfortable enough to stay in the game against your bluff, leaving you as the eventual loser.

However, if the community cards are low and you feel that all players may need to rely on one pair and a high kicker you will likely have a great amount of success by continuing to raise the bets and imposing the fact that you have an unbeatable hand.

Tips for Successful Bluffing

Don’t be too predictable. A predictable player will be easy to read through if there are seasoned players at the table. The result? Your bluff will never be taken seriously.

Never bluff when the community cards look good and your hole cards look bad. Why? One of the opponents will almost certainly have a hot hand creating an unbeatable challenge to your bluff.

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