Just Poker Supplies: Important Poker Supplies and Accessories

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Poker supplies are sold throughout thousands of sites online so regardless of whether it is a poker table, poker chips or any other Poker supplies, how do you know you are getting the best price? Well, the truth is you don’t. All poker supplies and accessories listed here are delivered inside 4 days and using our links guarantees you some excellent discounts on poker supplies. Here are a few important poker supplies.

1. Poker Chips

No poker product has been as hot as the current poker chip. Since the beginning of the modern poker craze, poker chips have been flying off shelves everywhere and keeping retailers on their toes to keep their stock replenished. Poker chip prices have also been through the roof making this trend very lucrative for gaming retailers.

i. Poker chip costs

Why are poker chips so expensive? There are a variety of different poker chip styles available; ranging from the cheap poker chips made of plastic to the professional clay chips used by the professionals. The cost of the chip will depend on a variety of variables, including the weight of the chip, the number of chips available in the set and the materials used to form the chip.

It should also be noted that the design of the poker chip can also make an impact on the final price of a set. Most poker chips are multi-colored and feature patterns of a specific suit around the outer edge. The flashiest of the chips may not always be made of the best material, but will almost certainly merit a higher price when there is an extreme demand for the product.

ii. What are clay composite poker chips?

You will probably recognize the phrase “clay composite” if you have ever gone shopping for poker chips. What exactly is a clay composite poker chip? The simple answer is that the poker chip is made only part of clay and supplemented by other plastic-like materials to form the chip.

The difference between the two is mainly cost. Clay poker chips and clay poker chip sets are very much available but will cost slightly more than the average composite poker chip.

iii. How many poker chips should I have?

Generally speaking, most will recommend that you have somewhere between 300 and 600 chips handy for a game between two to six friends. This will really depend on the given value for each poker chip in the game being played.

2. Custom Poker Chips

What is the one thing that is better than a well-designed poker chip? Your very own customized poker chips, of course.

Custom poker chips are made available by companies that specialize in detailing poker chips based on a customer’s specified type fonts, colors, chip styles, and logos. Standard chips are often available for a fixed price and then customized with company logos or specific color schemes to suit the customer.

Most custom poker chips are priced based on the number of customization aspects and detail required. There is generally also a cost for setting up the printing plate that will stamp each chip with your unique design. Weight, material and the number of chips ordered will also affect the cost of your custom poker chip order.

i. Custom Poker Chips for Home Use

How cool would it be to have your own custom printed poker chips at home for use in your monthly tournaments? All you really need is a logo design, a general idea of the look and feel that you desire and some extra earnings to spend on the chips.

3. Poker Chip Cases

Poker chip cases come in a wide variety of styles that generally will differ because of the number of poker chips needed to store. Although most poker chip cases are designed to fit between 300 and 600 poker chips at one time some larger cases will accommodate up to 1000 chips. Most cases also come with a separate storage area inside to hold loose change and playing card decks.

The most popular poker cases have either a vinyl or metal exterior and are shaped in the form of a small briefcase. The interior is generally lined with a green material that is similar to the playing surface of a poker table.

Although most poker chip sets come with a fairly decent poker chip case, the luxurious cases are always worth checking out if you are a serious poker player. Deluxe walnut, oak and leather poker chip cases are available for a slightly higher price than the standard aluminum cases. Go big or go home!

i. Poker Chip Carousels

Poker chip carousels, generally designed to store about 300 poker chips, are also very popular. These circular storage cases are generally made of wood and are a great addition to a basement gaming area. These carousels are probably not the best for travel.

Other storage solutions include poker chip storage trays, which will usually hold between 50 and 100 chips, and are highly affordable. These are generally made of either wood or acrylic plastic material.

4. Poker Tables

For the optimal home poker experience, a poker table should be in your cards. There are several variations of the home poker table that we will detail on this page.

Many furniture retailers are now stocking poker tables in high quantities. Excellent addition to any home gaming environment poker tables can be used to play conventional poker or any other card game with friends.

i. Which poker table is right for me?

The major question is how big of a space do you have for a poker table in your home? Most standard poker tables are between 48″ and 52″ across and will fit between 6-8 players comfortably.

ii. Texas Hold’em Poker Tables

Texas Hold’em tables are much bigger in size to accommodate the larger number of players. These poker tables will generally have room for about 10-12 players comfortably. The wide circular shape of these tables is much like the tables seen on the World Poker Tour or the World Series of Poker on television.

Various branded poker tables are now available, including a poker table series by the World Poker Tour. The WPT poker tables come in various sizes and feature the World Poker Tour logo on the playing surface. For real fans of the television show, this is a must-have.

If color if an issue, many poker table manufacturers offer 15 to 20 different colors for the table fabric. Much like what you would expect when buying a pool table, poker tables are highly customizable to suit your taste.

5. Poker Table Tops

Poker table tops are an excellent alternative to the poker table, which can sometimes be an issue if you are strapped for space. If you only play social poker on occasion a poker table top would probably be a much wiser investment for your home gaming room. It really depends on how serious of a player you are and how much room you have to devote.

Most poker table tops will fold up for easy storage and are extremely cheap in comparison to a poker table. A carrying case is included with the purchase of most poker table tops showing that the product is geared toward the traveling poker player.

Poker table tops also contain grooves that are designed to hold poker chips and a drink.

Green and maroon are the two most popular poker table top felt colors, but other colors including black, ivory, tan and brown. A vinyl zipper bag is included with most table tops for easy portability.

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